Add a dynamic, brilliant final touch to your printed material with film lamination from PPR. This premium finish sets your work apart with an extra bit of pizzazz that gets noticed immediately, even in a sea of information. The superior visual enhancement of film lamination says, "This is important information that's worth keeping."

Film lamination also adds durability to materials that get frequent, heavy use. It protects them from dirt and moisture, and can be wiped clean.

PPR offers a wide range of laminating films to fit the specifications of your job. There are many types of finishes and textures–glossy, matte and satin. We have films that can be printed, stamped, glued or embossed after they are applied, along with a complete selection of specialty films.

Film Lamination is the finish of choice for:

• Signs
• Outdoor Signs/Banners
• Displays
• Sales product sheets
• Point-of-purchase counter displays
• Portfolios for artists, photographers and graphic designers
• Any print job that needs special emphasis, protection or durability